Porno by FEMEN


The main Facebook page with 45000 followers FEMEN France was shut down by administration of Facebook for spreading pornography. 
What a déjà vu! 
Facebook shut down 5 FEMEN resources with more then 300 000 followers! 
Zukerberg, people are following us for attacking Putin, Erdogan, Barluskoni but not for pornography. 
More than 120 000 people already understood that FEMEN nudity is a political nudity, join them! 
We demand our resources back! 

FEMEN is not pornography!

New Facebook page FEMEN France

Naked protest. Report on FEMEN Germany/EinsPlus

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We choose peace!

FEMEN Israel:
"This is men's war. It retains the violent environment in which we all live and gives it legitimacy.While men fight, we suffer. No one cares about the struggle women endure during wartime.Women in southern Israel lost their livelihood and are terrified under the rockets.

Women of Israel and women of Gaza are afraid to leave their houses.
We all live in fear.
We choose peace!"

The picture was taken in a bomb shelter

Stop the War!


The women's movement FEMEN brings compassion to the relatives and friends of the dead passengers. Yesterday the scum pro-Russian military separatists knocked passenger plane flying over Ukraine. The world must understand that Putin is no longer a threat to Ukraine, he is a threat to the entire world. We urge the international community to act against the Kremlin and his military maniac! Stop the War! FUCK YOU PUTIN!

Are you PIMPS or Senators? Video

The question “Are you PIMPS or Senators?” echoed today in the French Senate Chamber.
FEMEN activists appeared topless in front of the senators and representatives of the government to protest against the recent backwards move regarding the bill criminalizing prostitution customers.