Stop pedophilia in Irak !


"If I was born in Iraq, at 9 years old i would have been forced to marry, i would have been rapes hundred times and i would have lost my freedom."
It is today that the Iraqi parliament has to discuss around the law Al-Jaafari, a law planning to authorize the marriage for the girls of less than 9 years old, and legalizing the conjugal rape.
Stop pedophilia in Irak ! Don’t legalize rape !

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#StopPedophiliaInIraq send your topless pictures + a picture of your childhood to

FEMEN House is open for public!


FEMEN is opening a new HQ in Paris as a sextremist house open for public. 
The new temple of naked feminism is located now at 4 Rue du Port in occupied squat and will open its doors 20th of April for an Open-door Party.
Already the next day after opening FEMEN is wellcoming dozens of women from all over Europe and North America for a spring training camp. The international team of sextremists will pass 5-days trainings on feminism and street activism from FEMEN. Master classes from FEMEN and other non-violent activists, workshops on feminism from FEMEN and MLF, physical trainings, ideological battles are part of the FEMEN training camp program.
To remind, FEMEN opened its training center in Paris in 2012. Since then, FEMEN is carrying its HQ in Paris and trained already hundreds of feminists who are acting FEMEN activity in 11 countries. 
The new FEMEN HQ is representing holiness of feminism in action that is welcoming everyone to join now. 
This is how we are preparing a naked revolution! Women's Spring is coming!

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FEMEN will be deported from Turkey


Sextremists Solène Assouan & Elvire Duvelle-Charles who lead the action "Ban Erdogan" yesterday in Istanbul in the polling station where turkish prime minister was supposed to vote will be deported from Turkey. Judge decided to ban them from turkish territory from one year to life term.
Today's Islamist Justice accused activists FEMEN in for "insult to Erdogan","exhibitionism", "ruining the peace" & "propaganda in an election area".
Erdogan, we will catch you.

FEMEN against Erdogan in Turkey